Hannes Bieger Mixing and Mastering in Berlin
about me

Hannes Bieger – Producer and Mixing Engineer

Born in Hamburg – based in Berlin.
Mixing engineer, music producer and electronic music live act.

Releases as Hannes Bieger:
2017 "Strato EP" on Poker Flat Recordings
2017 "Birth Of An Island" on Aeon
2018 "La Selva EP" on Flying Circus
2018 "Tephra EP" on Poker Flat Recordings
2018 "Monkey Safari – Ctrl-X (Hannes Bieger Remix)" on Hommage
2018 "Mauna Loa" on the Bedrock XX compilation
2018 "Stars EP" on Bedrock
2019 "Chemistry EP" on Poker Flat Recordings
2019 "DeVante – Okipa (Hannes Bieger Remix)" on Kognitiv Records
2019 "A Million Souls EP" on Bedrock
2019 "Tharsis EP" on This And That

since 2012 Author for "Sound On Sound" (UK)
since 2012 Author for "Bonedo"
since 2011 Consultant to Ableton AG
since 2010 Guest lecturer at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg
since 2005 Engineer at Calyx Mastering
2004-2012 Technical editor for "Sound&Recording" and "Keyboards"
since 2000 Running my own mixing/production studio in Berlin

I also did the projects Airmate and Llava on Mole Listening Pearls.